Eggedosis AS


Shell order procedure for graphic design services

Eggedosis is A/S Norske Shell´s chosen supplier for all graphic design services and all orders will be priced according to negotiated contract.

Please contact us for making an order or to discuss your project.

Line: +47 926 07 586

Gunveig: +47 922 96 219

Eirik: +47 938 53 403

Order procedure

  1. Shell: Contact Eggedosis to discuss project scope.

  2. Eggedosis: Deliver cost and time estimate.

  3. Shell: Confirm order. Supply relevant supporting materials (f.ex. content like text, photos, illustrations and/or steer on layout/placement). Establish and send PO to Eggedosis for invoicing.

  4. Eggedosis: Initiate work. Deliver file(s) for proof-reading / approval

  5. Shell: Review file(s)

  6. Eggedosis: Amend work if required. Deliver file(s) for final sign off

  7. Shell: Sign off final files

  8. Eggedosis: Deliver final file(s) and send to print if relevant. Send invoice with PO number.

We can help you with all kinds of graphic material.